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Boho Brazil

Boho Mystic Rose Maxi Dress

Boho Mystic Rose Maxi Dress

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Description 🌸

    Say olá to the pieces that give an exceptional touch to Fall-Winter classics, that invite you to infuse the season with vibrant colors, play with style and enjoy every detail. You'll be ready to beat the winter blues with an extra cup of wardrobe happiness that makes you smile even on the coldest of days.

    • Casual
    • Confortable fit
    • Material: Polyester
    • Elasticity: Non Stretch
    • True to Size

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Boho Mystic Rose Maxi Dress - Don't bleach, don't dry clean, don't iron, for better washing results use hand-wash in water temperature 30 degrees celsius.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Aline Barros

    I thought it was beautiful, perfect to the extent.
    Use G, and ordered G.
    The yummy, soft fabric.
    Is not transparent.

    Eduardo Moraes

    Dress is really pretty :D

    Isabel Carvalho

    I really liked the quality of the fabric and the design, it was very
    OK. Thank you very much.

    Isabela Costa

    I bought it on sale. Is fabulous... The quality of the fabric is higher than what I expected for the value I paid. Very satisfied.

    Joana Souza

    I put a piece of water to my other people and I don't stop tishit-Fire! gorgeous, for such a little penny.💥💥💥💥💥